News from our friends The Yudelsons/Enders in California

It's a special day for me, personally! I've heard from dear old friends from California, The Yudelson & The Enders families. What a treat!

Our friend Enders are moving again unhappily, thanks to The Haydons abrupted return to California. We still couldn't figure why they didn't bother to say goodbye...our kids were very disappointed; especially we went out our ways to welcome her family into our community! I know Karol had her challenges in dealing with her dad Karl's physical and mental conditions. It was not a baggage she wished for to add to her already full load of responsibilities caring for 5 kids and a husband. I must admit it is a lot for one to bear. But then...why am I again making excuses for others? Sorry, Jill/Randy, for the unpleasant move-out, walk-through encounters with The Haydons. Hopefully, many blessings are awaiting you all in the new home in Clayton.

We miss our dearest friend, Dianne and her lovely family in California. They were our sounding boards, ice-skating buddies, someone to share our passions with books, arts and everything in life, just plain true friends you can count on. Skating has not been the same here in Oregon than our good ole Dublin Iceland...ohhhhh, how we wish we could just move the rink here where we may skate all year round. Wouldn't that be nice!

Shayna's feet are growing and is now larger than mine. In not too far distance, she will pass me in height. We had to purchase her a brand new pair of Teri SP Custom boots last month which she is thrilled. DD#2 won't be fitting in her hand-me-down Harlick anytime soon though. When we visit Eugene in two weeks, we will have to have Shayna's existing 9 3/4" Pattern 99 blades moved to the new boots--in time for skating season to start in Bend (iffy with the warm spell we've been having.)

Here are some photos taken last month from The Yudelsons--hope you don't mind Dianne for me to share them with our families an friends.

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