Aran Cabled Shrug is completed today!!!!

Procrastinating no longer...I worked on the shrug yesterday...late last night...again at 2:30 a.m. because DS woke up and were watching Digimon Frontier on YouTube.

I guess I should work on the shrug some more...It's finally finished this morning. Last minute,DD#1 decided to go with rosehip bamboo (instead of dill selected previously) for the collar. It complements the pastel pink of the wool yarn and turns out dead gorgeous! I love the cuddly soft feel of the collar. DD#1 would like to have it on her sleeves. I'll have to give it some thought--perhaps an Epstein edge. For now, I declare the shrug is completed! Material cost came to $80.00 (same if I were to use Crystal Palace Kaya Chunky.)

Oooooh, what am I thinking, really...DD#2 likes one too. Hmmmm, I think I have just the right yarns for hers.

Pattern: Aran Cabled Shrug
9 skeins Trendsetter Granito #9 Floral Multi (50g; 70 yards)
1 skein Bernat Bamboo Rosehip (60g; 63 yards) for the neck band only.
Needle: 10.5 circular needle.

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