The Hottest Ladies' Night In Town

It was the hottest monthly (intimate Ladies' Night) COOL Mom's Night Out in Bend, OR, where you ALWAYS experienced a warm welcome from

our gracious, encouraging hostess, Kristin S.

were served with plentiful of scrumptious/yummy/to-die-for home-made, gourmet foods
such as cream of broccoli and potatoe soup, tasty almonds made with family recipe, mixed green salad, shrimp and cucumber salad served with sesame crackers, pecan & walnut mini tarts, apple crisp, ; plus stuffed mushrooms, Chinese sesame chickens and broccoli beef served with steamed rice, deletable sipping wines, Bailey coffee, tea...and more that didn't make it in the pictures.

were surrounded with

a room full of great companies, wacky conversations (puberty, birds and the bees, menopause...), or simply being there for friends who are going through some rough spots. (Sorry, had to leave early!)
and (drum roll) were pampered from head to toes without breaking the bank

So, don't you wish you were here? Next MNO Holiday Party will be either on Sunday, December 16, or Monday, the 17th, again at The Shields. There is plenty of time to work up a special treat/handmade gift for holiday swaps.

Let’s Dare To Dream, Dare To Believe, And Dare To Receive! Here are some positive vibes being sent to our friend Kristin as she is having her last chemo.

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