Veil of Leaves Socks w/Cobblestone Band 40% Completed

Last night, the rain sounded so foreign since we haven’t had rain in quite a while. The earth after the rain, that musty, loamy wondrous smell. *sigh* It didn't last long.

Today though, it was the crisp Autumn air and the wonderfully sunny skies. I didn't have to think long about what I wanted for lunch--a salad with the pears and perhaps some Roquefort and walnuts.
Wouldn't it be nice that farmer markets run all-year-round here in Bend, OR?

Before our friend Michelle arrives in 5 minutes, I thought I'd blog about this lovely socks I'm knitting from Cat Bordhi's new sock book. I acquired an assortment of Mega Boots Sock yarns early in the year. This colorway is most fitting for the season. The lacey pattern chosen is simple and easy to remember so I may focus on learning the architectural design Cat is introducing. Some friends asked what I'm knitting this past week. My indecisive reply was "not sure...may be a pair of sleeves for a sweater, leg warmers, or the socks intended." So, it comes time to decision-making...hmmmm...socks they are. I started out with size-1 circular needles; it's a tad too loose for my preference. So, as I knit the Arch Expansion section, I'll switch to size-0 needles for a tighter fitting. Keeping my fingers crossed...I hate to rip them apart and start all over. Oh...I'm not supposed to have negative thoughts.

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