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What's up, America, in the 30s--a year after market crash? With the reduction of spendable income during depressioin era, people had to look to inexpensive leisure pursuits. President Roosevelt helped make stamp collecting a popular hobby.

Parlor games and board games became the rage. In 1935, 20,000 sets of Monopoly by Parker Brothers were sold in a week at its debute. Gambling increased as people sought any means to add to their income. Between 1930 and 1939 horse racing became legal in 15 more states bringing the total to 21. Interest in spectator sports such as baseball grew. Stars like Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio drew fans into the stadium, and those who could not attend the games gathered around their radios to listen to the play-by-play. The 1932 Winter Olympics, held at Lake Placid, New York, renewed interest in winter sports. The Civilian Conservation Corps, a New Deal work project for youths, built ski runs and jumps on public land as well as recreational facilities in the national parks.

Paris fashions became too expensive for all but the very rich, and American designers came into their own. Hollywood movie stars such as Bette Davis and Greta Garbo set fashion trends in dresses designed by Adrian and Muriel King and hats designed by Lily Dache. Clothes had to last a long time so styles did not change every season. The simple print dress with a waist line and longer hem length replaced the flapper attire of the 1920's. The use of the zipper became widespread for the first time because it was less expensive than the buttons and closures previously used. Another innovation of the 30's was different hem lengths for different times of the day - mid calf for day wear, long for the evening. Men's pants were wide and high waisted. Vest sweaters were an alternative to the traditional matching vest of the three piece suit. Hats were mandatory for the well dressed male.

Katherine and DS, COOL Kid's Club fearless reporters, traveled back in time to 1930s to give us this news footage: A group of people were particularly concerned of our post-war injured and forgotten veterans--doctor (AJ) and nurse (McKayla) were working days and nights patiently attending to our war heros' physical needs (Sam, DD#1, and DD#2.) Meanwhile, Bennett the general was leading his troop of cadets and sargents fighting the Germans under blistering cold winter condition.

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