Healing Angel of Love

Blue sky...sun is shining. The weather is sweet...make you want to move those dancing feet. In early part of the afternoon, our kids enjoyed a welcoming Surprise by briskly snowfall but all melted within minutes upon landing.

It's a busy day at the Peery lane, just as I've foreseen it would be. I'm a bit swamped getting ready for tonight's SPA party, finishing up community quilts,

teaching one of the COOL girls to sew a quilt, packing for a 10-day trip, finding sitter for the birds, cleaning the house and the messy birdcage...running million miles a second. Some days are just too busy to create a masterpiece in the kitchen for the potluck dinner. Today is one of those days. Hmmm...Chinese takeout will have to do!

To complicate my schedule further, a mixup on my part, a friend dropped off her daughter at 11 a.m. instead of 1 pm as I thought erroneously. Now, my day is totally off. Anyway, it was fun to lay out the pattern with a 10-year old. For a first-timer, Madelaine did great. We finished sewing all but 2.5 stripes-not too shabby for 3 hours' worth of machine sewing. Madelaine will finish piercing the rest of the blocks and ironing the seams at home. Next time we meet after our 10-day trip, Madelaine and I will add the sashs between stripes, borders, and bindings. Meanwhile, check out her first machine-sewing project:

Tonight's COOL Moms' Night Out is in honor of a special friend (which I will have to keep it a secret for now. Michelle S.) She will be presented surprise CARE "Full" (not Felted as referred by many) baskets, filled with handmade goodies, from the moms coming this evening. The two wash clothes I chose for the occasion are intended to salve the hurt a little bit - to let Michelle know that her friends are thinking of her, know the gut-wrenching disappointment she feels, and wish we could magic the pain away. Hope these gestures help her move on from the heartbreak.

The Angel measured 8.5" by 10", in Bernat CottonTots Pastel Dreams. The staggered fern is 10" x 10", in Lily Sugar n Cream Playtime. Both are 100% worsted cotton, washable/dryable, and knitted with size 8 needles. They will get softer with each wash--I love how they both turned out.

Following are some holiday samplers I decorated, over the wet weekend, out of wooden cutouts with acrylics paiints and glitters...they are adorable and fitting for upcoming winter festivities. I got more cutouts for COOL Kid's Club next project in first week of December.

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