Happy Times in Newberg, OR

The rain has been coming down since last night in Springfield, OR.

We drove four hours (round-trip) to hang out with friends for half a day in Newberg, OR, where sky was blue and crisp. Is it worth it? You bet. We have met these friends in a 5-day retreat in September. The kids have been inseperable ever since...they talked/dreamed/breathed about the reunion for months. It is finally happening!

Why such strong bond you ask? I guess most of our deepest friendships are forged when we are young. Less rigid and more open, our hearts embrace a new relationship with very few conditions attached. The soul then, I speculate, is less suspicious and more willing to accept an overture. It is these friendships that last a lifetime, time and distance hardly making a dent in the steel it is forged out of. Life's events may stretch the fabric of a true friendship but will not make a rent in the comforting cocoon it envelops us in.

Visits to Mike and Theresa's 5-acre Home, Sherwood Iceland, and Safari Sam's Jungle Gym...The Newberg area offers much to see and do. We drove past Champoeg State Park, preserved in buildings and historical sights, but couldn't make a stop. I would have love to tour the Herbert Hoover House and some wineries in the Willamette Valley, home for some of the finest wineries in the northwest...another time, another trip.

The world would be a cold place indeed if we did not have friends to warm us and keep us cocooned in a blanket of affection and caring.

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