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The kids were agitated that we didn't partake in Campfire's Swim Party at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center this afternoon, followed by COOL Cougar's Sleepover at Campfire's office.

DD#1 is still under the weather and I am not up to par. I believe it's a sign telling us we need to slow down and cuddle.

Instead, we had another virtual science expedition. What's black and white and red all over? Our kids said it's a newspaper. If you said a zebra in a union suit, you . . . . have a weird sense of humor. But you also have good instincts for camouflage. One basic type of animal camouflage is called DISRUPTIVE COLORING. In this case, the animal's markings don't blend in with the landscape. Instead, the markings are meant to confuse predators. The zebra is a good example. To us, the zebra looks almost garish--this horse with crazy black and white stripes. But to a lion, the zebra may look like a
big Rorshact ink blot. The stripes break up the outline of the animal, making it less distinct to color-blind predators. It's believed that the zebra evolved from another horse-like animal that didn't have stripes. Rare foals born with white stripes might have survived due to their protective coloring. Through natural selection, this breed survived to become the modern day zebra.

Why Zebra? You ask. DD#1 and I are excited about participating in a trade hosted by a member of
Imagination Tribe. Theme is horse-like animal. Together, we came up inititally with a list of possibilities: zebra, giraffe, unicorn, pegasus, foal, donkey, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, deer, rabbit, clysdale...After spending hours googling, our horse-like animal knowledge expanded to include burro, okapi, quagga (pronounced kwag-uh), Hyracotherium (aka Eohippus), Orohippus, Epihippus, Mesohippus, Miohippus, Kalobatippus, Parahippus, Merychippus, Hipparion, Pliohippus, Dinohippus, Plesippus, Equus, and Onager (aka half ass or the Asian Wild Ass).
What comes after's time to create...more artist trading cards (aka ATC). This trade is due in Arizona by end of November. However, we'd like to send them in together with the Word Play trade due by Nov. 15 to the same hostess. We'd better get right to work.

There you have it...another typical life in an unschooler.

2 encouragements:

Makita said...

We'd love to participate in the ATC trade with Imagination Tribe... how do we go about signing up for the next trade?

Radical Unschoolers Live in FREEDOM said...

This is a group of SAHM/unschoolers, novice/accomplished artists in the Pacific NW. Many whom you will be able to meet if you attend conferences such as Live and Learn, Life is Good. To join in any of the swap or host one yourself, join the group by visiting this URL

Hope sweetie is feeling better. Skye really loves being with her on Friday!

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