Halloween Fun 10.31.07

Halloween, particularly in a child, was magical -- the old, gnarled tree branches backlit against the moonlight; shuffling through the fallen colors to strange homes for Trick-n-Treat. People in NW Crossing, a neighborhood in NW side of Bend, were busy putting out fog machines, motion-activted skeletons, bats, Jack O Lantern...to capture the eeriness of this ghostly night, glorifying the dead. It was unbelievably pleasing to trick-n-treat with the kids this year. DD#1 (as a tetra) dined, trick n treated with her friends, Chloe the Fisher-woman, Katherine the worm, and McKayla as Hermione Granger and had a sleepover at The Shields.

DD#2 an artist and DS a vampire had their scary/creepy/ghoulish adventures with their friends Max as bloody goblin, Ben as Vampire, Peter a pantomime, and Sam a pencil. Sadly, my cheapo camera won't produce any decent photos in dark condition so I didn't bother to take any photos.

Now, Halloween is officially over. The pumpkin looks the way many people feel the day after Halloween. Leftover unwanted candy is something many are dealing with. Our suggestion is to donate your kids' leftover candy to an outreach program in your city or sell your candy to a Utah Dentist who is buying Halloween candy from kids. The pay is $1 per pound of candy.

It's sad that Halloween has passed already and now the holiday madness is going to start focusing on Christmas. These days, I'm always a little glad to have Halloween done with, so I can get on to the thing that really tickles me - the Christmas season. There are only 52 shopping days - or decorating days - left until Christmas.

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