KNIT TOGETHER (Knit for Homeless)

What is it with rainy night? People all stayed home? DD#1 and I were the only one shown up at Kerry's KNIT TOGETHER last night. In Kerry's absence, her good friend Gay was there to welcome us to our first KNIT TOGETHER meeting. The quiet/cozy evening went by quickly. We had a nice fellowship while knitting.

DD#1 whipped up a nice self-designed, crocheted scarf. She finished hers in 3 hours. When she showed me the scarf this morning, I was very impressed with her taste in color and designing choices. Way to go, DD#1!

I am about 40% into the lime green, cabled scarf I started last night. The log cabin blanket as pictured is my other WIP community knits.

Live In Freedom's Community Knit 2007 - Nov. 12, 2007 photosetLive In Freedom's Community Knit 2007 - Nov. 12, 2007 photoset

Pursuing the concensual/whole-life living has its many challenges. At the root of all those challenges is lack of time. There are so many things that I would like to do with and for our kids right now; I just don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish.

Some people think philanthropy is just about foundations giving away lots of money, but that’s only one part of the picture. Philanthropy is really about people giving their time, care, and help to causes they care about.

Very simply put, philanthropy can be explained as anything you do to make the world around you a better place.

As you look around, acts of philanthropy may take many forms, ranging from donating a large sum of money to a charity to creating a community garden in your neighborhood or volunteering your time to help out at a soup kitchen. There is no age limit--involve even your young ones in some kind of philanthropy. There is no better time than NOW.

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Stacy said...

Hi! You’ve been randomly tagged by the NaBloPoMo randomizer for a meme about 7 weird/random things about you! Enjoy!

I enjoyed your blog -- we're on the path of unschooling, too!

Stacy (Mama-Om)

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