COOL COUGARS Campfire Outing, Nov 6, 2007

What a near-perfect, glorious autumn day it was yesterday: clear, crisp, warm (hot if you’re the kids running around), and sparkly--is so much more pleasant than the cold we experience with this morning. Temperatures were in the low 70s. This weather is supposed to stick around for another day before autumn gets a firmer grip on us.

COOL COUGARS, our homeschooled Campfire group, started Trail to Family & Community in mid-September and have been working on the IMAGINE NO HUNGER project. Yesterday was the last in the trail. We met at Larkspur Park by the Senior Center. Families brought scumptuous homemade baked goods and shared their cultures/heritages with everyone. There were pretzels (European), scones (English & Scottish), corn breads (Naive American/Southerner), cinnamon/sugar pull-apart bread--a recipe passed down from McKayla/AJ's grandma, and fortune cookies (Chinese).

Before COOL Kid’s Club in less than 10 minutes, I thought I’d upload yesterday’s photos taken at COOL COUGARS Campfire outing. Unfortunately, some COOL photos of parachute play and moms photos were corrupted in my memory card during archive. Next time, I’ll save them in my computer first—lesson learned!!!

Looking out the window pane this morning, we are greeted with a bit of gray and wind, a smattering of clouds covered the sun, and a tint of blue peeking through. My guess is that temperatures drop about 15 degrees. YIKE!!!

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