4H Sewn Much Fun 2nd Club Meeting Nov 8, 2007

4H readjoined after a long summer break. Though we started much later than most clubs, we are not concerned. Most clubs meet only once a month; ours meet once a week--part of an advantage of having a homeschooled club and a generous, dedicated club leader. This is truly a God-Sent for our kids. They learned not only sewing skills; there are other valuable life applicable skills they acquire throughout the year through record-keeping, taking part in cookie camps making thousands of cookies, writing an essay for leadership...

Last week, the kids, moms, and club leader met to fill out enrollment, paperwork, pay the dues & club fees, and decide a few projects for the year. I bought over a large trash bag size of cotton fabrics for the club to use for their sewing projects. Gosh...It must have weighed a ton! I barely was able to lift it out from the van into Shelly's house.

For the next month, the girls will learn to make ragged harmony quilts to donate this holiday season to seniors in our local community. Following that, hopefully they will have enough time to make some gift and tote bags as gifts.

Yesterday, in joined effort, the girls learned to use rotary cutters for the first time and managed to cut 108 squares for one harmony quilt. They will begin sewing squares together next Thurday. We cut another 108 pieces of squares today for a second quilt to be sewn for charity by the club members.

Once these projects are completed, the girls would like to make some quilts for themselves. It would be fun to do fabric shopping for these handmade holiday gifts.

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