Big Fabric Shopping Day - Hancock's & Joann's!

DD#1 and I had a blast bargain-hunting at Hancock's and Joann's today. We walked out of both stores well under $100. We have more than enough of fabrics to cover our holiday home-made gifts list...YIPPY!

I have hopes and dreams of wonderful gifts to be made from these pieces. There is so much joy each time I look at my collection. I can actually hear it singing lovely songs to me. Am I crazy? Maybe...definitely crazy about fabric.

I love the color and feel of textures. I love how it handles. I love sewing and owning it. It is one of the best part of sewing ~ turning a flat piece of fabric into an awesome three-dimensional garment or personal/home accessories.

I liken owning fabric to the paintbrushes and paint that an artist uses to paint an amazing picture or portrait. Or the gardening tools that a gardener uses to till and grow a beautiful garden. Or even the pages and computer that an author uses to create an imaginery world that we all want to journey to. I mean we all create things, right?! So why wouldn't you have many different pieces of fabric, thread, notions and patterns to use to fashion your own wearable fantasies!

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