Knitting on a Gloomy Day in Bend

It is grey in Bend today--dark and cloudy, and very reminiscent of a Seattle autumn day. See for yourself.

It’s amazing how it affects me. I am sluggish and slow and just feel like sleeping in as with our three little ones. I wonder how people get by living in places like Seattle in gloomy autumn days.

A part of me welcomes a grey day because it inevitably means cool weather, which gives me the perfect excuse to wear my Audrey Hepburn shrug knitted last winter (but soon will be taken apart…)

Well…I am not so gloomy because I have…

finished a scarf for KNIT TOGETHER before sunrise yesterday, later than I really like to admit that I stayed up knitting an reading.

I feel silly…really, really silly. Yesterday, I cast on for a
Totally Autumn lap blanket. After completing first 36 rows that made up one complete pattern and examining the diagram twice, I realized a couple of stitches were incorrect—K2tog & SSK in rows 1, 3 and 5. It is not noticeable. But, I just had to rip it apart--Doh! It’s embarrassing.

A second chance…I knit it with a size-7 circular needle and Paton’s Soy Wool Stripes in Natural Geranium. Isn’t the color great?
I love variegated yarns, but I’m pretty picky about them. I want all of the colors to be similar hues in terms of their relative light/darkness. That way any pooling isn’t especially bothersome. The blanket I’m working on now is my idea of a great hand-paint - it gives depth but doesn’t scream at you.

Now I’m off to cuddling with the kids…11:15 in the morning? It’s gonna make this a busy day.

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