Day after the Storm

Today a fresh day...the sort of a day you have after a storm--remarkably gorgeous. The world sparkling clean and renewed. It made a heeeuuge difference to life.

After dropping off the kids at Campfire office, dh and I headed over to ACB--DH worked out at the Club while Tyson, Cookie, and I went for a long stroll along the river. Boy, do we need it! Both dogs now weigh 15 lbs each--not healthy for them!

Sun was out, wind untamed, but still lovely. Only regret was that I didn't put on right shoes for the unexpected muddling trails. Darn! I left the digital camera in the van for some wonderful photo opportunities near Farewell Bend.

Here is a glimpse of the ribbed hat I whipped up during the stroll this afternoon. It is going to a local charity (Knit Together.) All knitted projects for this group must be turned in by Monday, December 7, so I am busy clicking needles along into the nights. More photos will be availalbe at our crafty blog later in the week.

Children sleep, dogs curled,
cold wind howls outside the house;
our heater kicks on. (Haiku)

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