Season of Festive Lights in Springfield, OR

Prepare yourself for the Season of Lights! Thanksgiving is behind us. Christmas approaches. Winter warriors are seen everywhere at the tops of ladders, decorating, risking their lives and limbs (and don't forget those spiraling utility bills) stringing out latest festive glow of lights and blow mould figurines like cheery santa and jolly snowman. They bring smiles to the cold winter evening.

Illuminating lights are up on frontage of houses and gardens everywhere...people start competing with their neighbors for the best Christmas display on the block! Some are tastefully attractive while others garishly overdone.

Well hopefully this year you win and your neighbors stand awestruck with tongues gaping in sheer amazement at your Christmas Home Presentation!! The waves of jealousy will envelope you like a warm blanket on a frosty winter day.

As spectators, it is always nice to stroll through the streets, arm in arm, and look at decorative displays...dreaming of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, with Nat King Cole playing in your head. At this time of the year never a day goes by without me humming Home for the Holidays at lest once. I have now passed on this Christmas curse to my kids, like a festive chain letter.

I have a pension for BLUE Christmas lights. They are my first alternative to white and a nice accent to white lighting motif. Unlike my childhood, they now come in an assortment of bulb sizes, shapes, and colors. For years, we had large round ones in multi-colors which carried a modern yet retro vibe. Now, I dig the small ones.

Anyway, back to business....if the lights are not that exciting where you live you have a couple of choices. You could continue your romantic walk and just look at what your neighbors are watching on TV that may be interesting in itself...or you may retire back to your home...cuddle up and
view here for a bunch of truly inspiring light displays from around the world. With luck, you may find one in your neighbourhood if you are lucky.
Illuminating Shows in a small Springfield, OR neighborhoold

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