2007 Christmas Parade, Bend, Oregon, 12.08.07

Ken Wilhelm, Executive Director of the United Way of Deschutes County, was Grand Marshall for this year's Bend Christmas Parade, helping us celebrate our theme “Christmas Dreams Come True” yesterday. This was one of our favorite Bend traditions and holiday events we look forward to. The parade started at Harmon and Newport Streets and ended at Galveston and Harmon. Consequently, Newport, Wall, Riverside, and Harmon Streets were closed from about 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Seasoned parade watchers were prepared for the cold and taken warm covers/blankets/collapsible chairs to sit on. We had to park our van on Awbrey, over 10 blocks away from starting line. Instead of starting at noon time as advertised, as we raced over to meet up with our float, the parade was already in progress at 11:30! Disappointingly, DS missed riding the Campfire float with his sisters and COOL COUGARS friends.

If you missed yesterday's parade because of FLL (First Lego League) tournament at Skyview Middle School from 9 to 3, preparation for 4H Annual Leaders and Members Recognition Dinner Gala, getting or cutting a christmas tree, holiday shopping...just too bloody cold to be out. We actually missed a small part of the beginning due to mixup with start time and having to park over 10 blocks away from the starting point. Whatever the reason maybe...here is instant replay straightly from "my view" (no...I refuse to run around to capture both sides of the floats!)

Now, grab a cup of latte or your favorite tea, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Proudly Presenting to you 2007 Christmas Parade in Bend, Oregon
in a total of 290 pictures--thank goodness for digital camera!

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