COOL Family Holiday Party 12.14.07

Holidays are about celebrating the people in our life, not increasing our girth.

Earlier this afternoon, our local COOL homeschooling family kicked off the holiday celebrations in the Common House at Higher Ground Co-Housing Community from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. with all kinds of food, entertainment, and activities.

The party is a great "no pressure, non-judgemental" activity. There is no spelling, no writing, no testing...It is just a time to have fun and be with friends--kids playing, creating, running, eating, and more--moms chatting in our friendly zen-tuary. At one point, I paused to remember the real reason for the season. Christmas is a time for peace.

It was a cracking afternoon--just ask the kids. Moms had our laughs. Don't pass up another COOL party--Mom's Holiday Swap Night is this Sunday, December 16, at Kristin's!

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