COOL COUGARS Campfire Gatherings/Caroling 12.11.07

Want to make colonial or pioneer life comes alive? Why not make some hand dipped candles during the day and use them at night without electricity and experience what it was really like to live those times. Thanks, Kristin, for showing Campfire Cougars this fun craft yesterday afternoon.

To do this project, you'll need beewax, candle wicks (1/2" wick to 1/2" candle), double boiler or large coffee can, stirring spoon or tool you don't care it coated with wax (we just use a knife,) and sauce pan.

1. First, heat water in medium heat; bring to a gentle boil. Place the wax in the double broiler or, if you are using a coffee can, place the can into water. (Don't use high heat or place container of wax directly on heat, it may cause the wax to catch on fire and post severe fire hazard.)

2. Stir wax until it is completely melted. Turn the heat down. Keep water warm enough to keep the wax melted.

3. Now on to the next stage. Begin with cutting the wick to the desired length of candles plus a little extra to hold. Dip the wick in the wax for a few seconds then lift back out. Allow the wax to cool between dippings, about a minute or so. You may find it a little tricky to get started at first because the wick floats on top of the wax until it gets weighed down. Don't worry; before long you'll get the hang of it. If the wick curls up, just pull it straight slightly while wax is still soft (handle with care and caution for hot wax.)

4. Continue the dipping and cooling process. After a few layers, although not necessary, you can speed up the cooling process by dipping the candles in cool water after each wax dip (we skipped the cooling process as kids took turns dipping which allowed wax to cool between dippings.)

5. Repeat Step 4 until the candle has reached desired thickness. If lumps occur, roll warm candles on a smooth surface.

6. Using a sharp knife, trim the bottom to remove excess wax and to create a straight edge bottom for your candle.

7. Hang your candles to dry. Once they are dried (after a day,) you may cut the wick.

AND next, time to enjoy your new creation!

After Campfire meeting, Chloe invited DD#1 over for some girls' one-on-one. DH dropped DD#2, DS, and I off at Prue and Mark's for some cookie and tea time. We haven't seen them since before Thanksgiving. So, we had quite a bit of catching up. It's a switch that someone was fussing over me in the kitchen. Mark is a wonderful cook and baker. I enjoyed his homemade cookies and the to-die-for rice salad he quickly whipped up. Thank goodness, both of our families will be around for the holiday. Our kids will have plenty of play days together.

DH came back to pick us up around 5:20 last night and rushed over to Altera Assisted Living Center about 5 minutues away from Prue and Mark's. We met up with DD#1 and other Campfire troops there for an evening of Christmas caroling. The residents and staff were just delightful. They love young people. As we sang carols, some elders sang along. It sure put a bright spot in their holiday.

I do wish there was time for more interaction between us and the residents after caroling. The facility was highly equipped with security lock down system throughout, unlike other assisted living facilities I have been to in the past in California and Oregon. It made me sad for them even it were for their safety.

5 encouragements:

Makita said...

I remember making candles when I was a little girl (I think we did it with my Girl Scouts troop). I'll have to do it with my kiddos sometime. :)

Radical Unschoolers Live in FREEDOM said...

All the kids enjoyed the project and wished we had time to make more candles. We may do it at a COOL gathering in a warm spring day outdoor.

Makita said...

In response to a ? you posted on my blog ... "No, I don't get an email/notification when you respond to a comment I post on YOUR blog. I do, though, receive email when a comment is left on MY blog."

Makita said...

btw - how did your Pay It Forward post go? Did you get 3 ?? I haven't received a single one... hmmm, perhaps those that visit my blog aren't creative ??

Radical Unschoolers Live in FREEDOM said...

I don't have any taker to my PIF either. My visitors are lurkers--most likely apprehensive about giving a stranger their personal information. Plus, my blog is personal musings about concious living and kids activities mainly. It doesn't draw the artist/crafter type readers to my blog. This could be the reason. I may post PIF in my craft blog after the holiday maddness.

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