Happy Campfire Cougars Outing 12.18.07

Is this your homeschooling family? What a cute video! As Todd Wilson would say "It's not real!" I'll leave you in your happy place if you think it is.

Now back to my best reporting on the happenings of our typical day...snowflakes have been falling consistently even as I blog; winter wonderland is in sight. Ice skating fun is no low-dough activity here in Bend, OR. I'm thankful however that season pass for all OPEN sessions is available at $140 each. I haven't skated since Seventh Mountain Resort decided not to offer season pass last year. Our family boycotted them and did not skate at the rink last winter.

We had our outing with local Campfire Cougars yesterday, escorted by a few parents. It was a big success.

Lacing up the skates and getting out on the ice with the kids felt SO good. It took me a lap to get my skating legs into gear and I was off. An hour later, my neck was stiff, aging body sored, practically out of breath just listening to the sounds around me...Christmas melodies on the loudspeaker, crunching snow and ice beneath the skates of kids and a few adults (especially when they turned or stopped,) and echos of young girls and boys giggling when their friend would trip. Did I get a workout! Though rain rolled in mildly in the afternoon, it did not deter us from skating outdoor. Some of us actually loves the rain. We had such a wicked time. It felt good to be on ice. Guess where you may find me and the kids these winter months...

Some day, I would love to skate at the heinously overpriced Rockfeller Centre Ice Rink or Somerset House in London. It's the experience and just being able to say I did it, like all those people you see in the movies falling in love amidst the twinkle of falling flakes. I also dream of skating at the newly constructed Whistler Olympic Park, located in the Callaghan Valley, south of Whistler, British Columbia. The park will be a part of Olympic celebrations and brining the spirit of the games into Whistler's core for
2010 by hosting the biathlon, cross-country skiing, Nordic combined and ski jumping events during the 2010 Winter Games.

Meanwhile, I settled with what we got, a different world here in Bend, OR. Our kids love to skate for recreational fun, but DD#1 strives in mastering certain skills. She has long since advanced to a level where I (self-taught when the girls wanted to learn ice-skating gracefully) am no longer able to effectively facilitate. Time for setting up some one-on-one for DD#1 with Janet, a local coach and ex-medal winning Olympic skater.

Our kids are set on skating again soon, probably on Friday night, if not, for sure over the weekend (not our preference.)

2 encouragements:

Makita said...

What a funny little video! TFS

Is the annual pass for the entire family or individual ?? DD would love to go skating (she's never been)...

Radical Unschoolers Live in FREEDOM said...

Annual pass is per person. However, kids age 6 and under skate FREE--you do pay for rental each time if you don't have your own skates. If you decide to purchase a pass, I recommend getting some good, used skates--it saves in the long haul and most comfortable. For Geneva, I probably can get some nice pair would fit her at probably $30. COOL Kids want to skate more. I'll post when we will be skating for other to join in. I'd be happy to take her on the rink or Skye who has comfortably hand-held and skated with young kids many times. Our kids are great, confident skaters. This is one family fun we really enjoy.

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