4H Leaders and Members Recognition Dinner 12.08.07

Attending our first 4H Leaders and Members Recognition Dinner was an interesting, eye-opener experience. It was a night to remember the significant achievements and accomplishment of our members and leaders.

Junior/Teen Leader Association (JTLA) led by the Junior Officers of the Executive Councilis was responsible for planning and conducting the Recognition Dinner. These teens are very articulate and well presented. Dinner festivity began at 6:00 P.M. in the North Sisters building in Deschutes County Fairgrounds, home of 4H Administrative Offices in Redmond, OR, treated to a pit roast barbeque turkey, oven-baked honey ham, fresh green, homemade dressing, baked potatoes, and a galore of scrumptious desserts brought by attending families. Eric Steensen, Master of Ceremonies, did an outstanding job in keeping the evening program seamless without a hitch.

36 juniors/teens received awards with a total of 231 adult leaders and 53 junior/teen leaders recognized.

Not all recipients were present. The gala ended at 9 p.m. All decorations taken down, tables and chairs packed away, and floor swept by 9:30 p.m., with everyone's help. Needless to say, you'd have thought we were running an orderly country.

Our kids enjoyed decorating for "BEST DECORATED TABLE" contest in the theme of "Candy Canes and Clovers," good food, inspiring company, voting for new junior officers, professional slide presentation of last year's graduates, and recognition of many terrific teens' achievements & devoting leaders.

Although we had the most beautifully decorated tables,

we see why "Sugar and Spice" was the winner of the $50 Cash Prize Contest--look at the candy-cane tablecloth! Well done, "Sugar and Spice!"

Our girls' best friend, Katherine, came home with us after dinner and slept over. It had been a long day from early dawn. All crushed by 11 p.m.--that's EARLY bedtime for us--WHEW!

So, what did I come out from the hectic day?

"You haven’t heard a word I said!” I am not sure about others; I'd imagine most have heard this at one time or another from his/her spouse and child(ren). I love my dh and children dearly; but over the 12 years of our marriage, I hate to think how many times I have heard this. Although not always true, I'd have to confess they have been right a lot of times. Listening is a very critical part of our communication process. Communication is an integral part of good leadership. A good leader is a good listener. But the truth of the matter is, sometimes it is hard to listen! How do we cultivate good listening skills? Part of what I try to convey to DD #1 who is in leadership role in 4H (and some activities in Campfire) is to learn to listen. There are a lot of ways to approach the topic of listening; but, here are few points to unlock leadership potential in all of us:

-Show interest.
-Be understanding of other person and use words such as “I see” or “I understand” to confirm your understanding.
-Learn to be silent.
-Restate what the speaker has said to let him or her know you are listening
-Concentrate intently on the speaker.
-Practice reinforcing nonverbal behaviors such as leaning forward and establishing and maintaining eye contact.
-Be alert and attentive.
-Imagine yourself in the speaker’s place.

There are many other tips that can help develop good listening skills. Good listening generally takes practice, especially if you are easily distracted. Practice listening intently to your loved ones, peers, friends, relatives, community leaders and members. Good listening can help prevent a multitude of problems

2 encouragements:

Makita said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I sent in my app materials to be a 4H leader... they said it takes time (they do a background check, fingerprints, etc.)... I hope to start after the new year. :)

Radical Unschoolers Live in FREEDOM said...

What will you be leading? Science? Scrapbooking? Will you target for a homeschooled club or open? Ours are all homeschoolers led by a homeschooled veteran. She is very passionate and dedicated to 4H and has been a leader for 9 years. Her oldest son just graduated from 4H program this past year w/three sibblings still heavily involved in 4H.

True learning-learning that is permanent and useful,that leads to intelligent action and further learning, can arise only out of the experience, interest, and concerns of the learner.
John Holt
Real heroes are men who fall, fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they stayed true to their ideals, beliefs and commitments.
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