Making Memories

"You know, my Mom threw away my rocks. She really did. I had cleaned them and sorted them and named them. I thought they were like dolls or pets or something. I had spent hours that day finding them. My mom threw them away. I was five. I was so sad.

I (obviously) remember it to this day. If she hadn't touched the rocks, I might not remember them. Now I remember them, and it is a sad memory. Those kinds of memories, I think, people can do without.

I think Moms should feel like a safety net. I think Moms should feel cozy. Moms should not feel like the treasure thrower-awayers."--Sarah Anderson-Thimmes

When I was 10, my perfectionist mother gave away my favorite lime-green dress set (only thing sewn ever for me and it's by my dearest aunt) to Salvation Army. I was sad and disliked mummy dearest for months!

I'll be sure to check with our kids before tossing any magical memory out! What is your memory?

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Stephanie said...

My dd collects rocks and she washes them and sorts trhem and paints them. She collects lots of things. I would never throw my kids stuff away without asking them. My stepfather threw away all of my childhood stuff, drawings, report cards, things I made, I will never forget that he threw away a huge part of my childhood not to mention made my life a living hell. Sorry...I didn't mean to get riled up.

Radical Unschoolers Live in FREEDOM said...

It's okay, girlfriend! I'm with you--dealing with mood swing this evening--not fun. I am exhausted after entertaining FIL this evening. His house is sparkling clean and in show quality at all times. Just imagine what he thinks of me (in his mind) when he dropped in last minute--only people who share the lives of unschoolers can comprehend. Plus, it's the holiday season, craft projects/supplies are spread out every corner of our small home. He must think I am a lazy, irresponsible mom/wife! I really don't know what he thinks and, you know what, I don't care either. Now, I'm sorry to get riled up, Stephanie :0) Hopefully, I don't scare you away. Really, I'm a very mentally sound person--just freaked out with inlaws.

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