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Mom's Night Out has been a great venue for mommy breaks, where we hardworking mommies get to relax and release some tension. Have you thought of taking breaks from your child(ren) seemed wrong? I had this 1950s sitcom housewife image in my head. I just knew that if I could get that perma-smile plastered on tight enough then the days would go by perfect. Then, my youngest son turned 1 and I tossed a lot of ideas out the window. Mommy time was a must, an absolute have to have. I still felt guilty for it. How could I think my precious wonderful baby was enough to drive me to frustration? How could I not just suck it up and deal with it? Five years later, I slowly realized I needed support and someone to help kick me in the butt for not taking a break sooner.

I was so happy to be in town this year for Mom's Night Out Holiday Party. As always, great food, terrific company--besides the regulars, we were blessed with Patrice and Eva's presence. I swear...if people don't know us, they probably think that's all we COOL moms do when we gather--EAT and have SPA treat!

We all loved Michelle's idea to share a craft each month at mom's night out, a way to learn a new skill (and all for FREE!)

The more I thought about the evening, the more I realized...Almost everyone knows the stereotype about homeschoolers and books. You can tell you’ve walked into a homeschooling household when there are more stacks of books than places to sit down and read them. There is another, lesser known yet still somewhat true stereotype. Homeschooling moms are crafty.

Is it a side effect of homeschooling? All the years of doing crafts with our kids turns us to crafters ourselves. Or maybe the two just draw common people. We just enjoy learning new discoveries with our children, like knit a scarf, sew a dress, felt/full a handbag, or create our own decorations. I’ve tried to come up with some theories; each one seems to have enough exceptions to it not to hold water. No matter the reason why there are some crafty homeschoolers out there.

Like Dana with
her too cool Saturday School ideas. See what I mean? Crafty, crafty, crafty. in a good way, I swear. And then last night I stumbled upon a post that combined the stereotypes on books and crafts into one perfect crafty/book collage. I like hopping over to see what fabulous Christine has created this time from old clothes. So are homeschoolers more crafty? Or are crafty people more drawn to homeschooling?

I know I’m biased, what with
a craft blog myself, but I really think there is a connection. If not in crafts exclusively perhaps homeschoolers are just drawn to creative things. Like the too creative and gorgeous jewelry from Fussypants. I still don’t know how she does it, homeschooling a house full of boys and pregnant and still able to make jewelry like this. And have you ever been to the Pioneer Woman? If that isn’t creativity and homeschooling combined, I don’t know what is.

How many other crafty, creative homeschooling moms are there?

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