Winter Wonderland via Santiam Pass 12.01.07

Here at Santiam Pass are some of Oregon's most beautiful mountain landscapes, right in the heart of volcano country. The simple but very relaxing byway follows rivers, climbs over high passes, crosses lava flows, passes picturesque lakes and winds through old growth forest.

Wish I had better equipment to capture winter's magic and produce higher quality scenic shots; better yet, improve my photo-taking skills.

We managed to make a stop along the way at Home Depot to replace a fuse box for the main circuit board (blown minutes before departing for this 10-day trip). As it turned out, the fuse wasn't the culpit--it's a short caused by an extension cord where the wireless equipments were plugged into.

It's amazing how we still got home safely and unloaded full load from the van long before dark. The rest of the night was spent unpacking and settling. It's always sweet to be home!

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