Outside of the Box

First thing first, I just learned that (**DRUM ROLL**) my Grinch name is Crabbytroll Rascalnose--very fitting. What's yours?

It is another great frosty morning and still no christmas tree yet.

Our schedule this week is just too wacky. For example, dh just left with the girls to Campfire office to decorate the float for Christmas Parade beginning at 11:30 this morning. Right after, we head to Redmond 4H office to decorate two dining tables for our SEW MUCH FUN club for the leaders recognition dinner tonight. On the way back, hopefully we can swing by Skyview Middle School to cheer for our friends at FLL & JFLL Lego League tournaments between 10 to 3. DD#1 already made the dessert (now in freezer) for tonight so no rush in the baking department. PHEW. I am hustling today...in slow movement...more handmade decoration awaiting...YUKE!!!

Yesterday, I dropped in a blog; of which the owner and I are members of an online radical unschooling christian group. I commented "THINK OUTSIDE one BOX only to another BOX. Thanks for the enlightenment." on her

When I returned home from dropping the kids off at a clay gathering at a local friend's house down the hill, I found an email requesting to "clarify" on my comment (which is still pending approval.) Here is my elaboration:

I have such an affection for the "in the box, out of the box" conversation. I relate to it in so many ways. I am at the mercy of my belief and life experiences which carry significant impact of "the box" I live in. As I evolve over time (hopefully wiser), my "box" changes. Living (not just thinking) outside the box is quite interesting. I was free. I could run, dance, play all I wanted. There was no boundary, only wide-open space--no responsibility, no deadline, no structure...just unabated freedom. Being footloose and fancy free was fun for a while. After a short time, however, I was bored. I started looking back at the box. I moved slowly toward it. When I drew close, I peered in. I realized the box wasn’t that bad. It provided structure and boundary at my own accord that made me productive. It also gave me a sense of purpose I am responsible for myself and my precious family. Soon, I saw the box not as a prison, but a container--sure, one with limitation. Yet as romantic as it sounds to be completely free, it’s the limitation that gives my life meaning. Without it, I'd never accomplish a thing.

So you see, Lesa, what I’ve learned is that my "box" isn't a bad thing. It's quite the opposite. It gives me the perspective on where I've been, where I am, and where I want to go. It’s good to think outside the box; otherwise, I'd never grow. I outgrow my box often and built a larger one. (This is what I meant by THINK OUTSIDE one BOX only to another box.)

I sometimes wish I could look at the box from over here - perhaps it would be wrapped with a bow - a gift or treasure for someone to find, or stamped with stamps from around the world - seasoned with life experiences and wisdom. And then sometimes I think maybe all the box needs is a little redecorating - or some serious internal rearranging, Feng Shui for the box.

And yes, I think outside the box...it usually pretty lonely. Then the eggs and tomatoes missles arrive usually together. So, are you thinking outside your box? When was the last time you built a larger one?

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TammyT said...

You're right. There's always a box of some kind. Which box we choose to be in, defines our lives. The question is, are we capable of seeing things outside our box? And are we able to look at it with an appreciation even though we make the choice to be in a box of our own making?

I'd never thought of it this way before. Thanks for helping me see outside my box. :)


True learning-learning that is permanent and useful,that leads to intelligent action and further learning, can arise only out of the experience, interest, and concerns of the learner.
John Holt
Real heroes are men who fall, fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they stayed true to their ideals, beliefs and commitments.
Actor Kevin Costner

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