SNOW or FROST in Oregon

Public school admission was delayed for 2 hours; Campfire meeting was canceled due to weather condition. Chloe wanted to play with somebody so...she and Ryan ended at the Peery's pad. Great fun and the snowmen the kids built are still standing!

What do you think of my movie? I haven't done one since...hmmmmm...we lived in San Ramon, CA. (like four years ago!) Billy Joel is Chloe's favorite singer supposedly. I dedicate this making to her.

3 encouragements:

Makita said...

Snow or Frost ??? Definitely ALL SNOW!! We had a 2' berm in our driveway due to the snowplow and the wind! Fun, though. :)

Robin said...

New visitor to your blog, and that was freakin' fantastic! Makes me wish for a really big snow here in Virginia!

Chloe said...

He's not SUPPOSEDLY my favorite musician. He IS my favorite musician! :)

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