A Full Day - Icy Dicey

Unlike yesterday, it was snowing when I woke up today. Plowers were busy clearing snow off Mt. Washington (with another plow stuck in snow.) Roads were icy everywhere. Even our monstrous van had difficulty moving again at stop light. None of it likens us, ambitious residents of Central Oregon, to hibernation.

A dear friend, Bruce A, called to see if he might drop off his daughter at our home before gymnastic practice at 2:15. He had a meeting he must attend at 1:00 p.m. dh wanted to work out at the club. I told Bruce we must leave the house by 12:30. They got here quarter to 1...

While dh working out, I took the kids to one of their favorite parks, Farewell Bend, just down the road from Athlete Club of Bend, less than a 5-minute drive. We could've walked to the park but opted not to due to road/weather condition. The little pond at the park was frozen. They had fun slipping and sliding. The girls may bring their skates there one of these days for a short spin.

45 minutes later, I drove everyone back to the club and picked up dh..just enough time to get the kids to their gymnastic practice at COGA across town. As always, Katherine and the kids didn't have enough time spent together and pleaded to hang out few more hours...of play and silliness. Aren't kids' lives Grand?

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