Another Little Snow Storm

We've gotten another snow storm since this morning...kicked up more than an inch of snow on the driveway. Nothing to French Toast Alert about really, an inch is nothing. It is old hat. Par for the course. An inch? Give me that every day. I can handle it. But seeing as there is precipitation falling from the sky...ARGH.

On a short drive home in my friend's car after Mom's Night Out this evening, Michelle and I were thinking it's like we were in one of those frosty snow globe. Snowflakes were dancing everywhere. Temperature will drop to a single-digit tonight and below zero tomorrow night.

The only consolation is that we will be heading out for California first thing in the morning and in California by nightfall, tomorrow. Forecast indicates that it will be all snowy from Bend, Oregon, to Redding, California. It would not be an easy drive for DH. It solved however another dilemma we've been tossing back and forth...travelling with snow chains or stud tires. Decision is clearly made...stud tires. The drawback would be a slow, long journey.
(Max, son of a friend, drew the manga eye, as pictured above, especially for me--I love this priceless gift.)

I've been bombarded with sad news all around me and feel mentally drained. A dear friend didn't make it to Mom's Night Out because she just discovered that her husband started gambling again. Yes, it was a problem from the past. My heart goes out to her! Just yesterday, I learned through an email that another couple in California is going through separation after a marriage of 15+ years, blessed with three children from 15 to 5. It will be awkward seeing them in this trip. Both are friends...can I be friend to both without taking side unconsciously? This evening, as soon as I walked in the house, DH greeted me with another bad news. Another couple whom we will be staying with some days, while in California, are separated! What is it with marriage trouble! I am at lost...I'm crying...I'm absorbing everyone else's negative energies--overload. I am disturbed. I pray for a clear head and wisdom so I may be good enough friend to support these troubled friends when I see them, know how to comfort and assure them that divorce, or any transition for that matter, is not the end to everything. The Devil wants us to fall flat on our face when we have a trial of this nature, and he's good at working that angle. God will provide angels (friends) to help those in need. A good friend is like an angel. I pray for strength to be just that.'s time to say goodbye. You'll be sorely missed, dear friend. I look forward to my return home in February. Until then, be free, be joyous.

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Makita said...

Oh Sarah! I am so sorry to hear about the grief you are experiencing. Know that not only are you a good friend to those in need, but that you, too, have friends you can lean on. Take care of yourself and we'll see you when you return. {{{{HUGS}}}}

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