Sledding at Wanoga Sno-Park

What's HOT? What's COOL? What's far out FUN? Kids cried out...W A N O G A.

The snow has been accumulating and sledding is a good festive winter kind of activities to do. Our local COOL families bundled up against the cold and headed up to the newly opened Wanoga Sno-Park this afternoon. THANK YOU, Oregon State Snowmobile Association, the Moon Country Sno-Mobilers Club, and many wonderful folks who have worked hard to create this safe haven with gentle slopes for kids to go sledding.

Wanoga Sno-Park (15 miles west of Bend on Century Highway close to Meissner Sno-Park), featured a groomed nordic ski trail where people may ski with their dogs off-leash, has two restrooms, pits for people to build warming fires and signs to let snowmobilers know the area is off-limits.

Kids and a couple of our daring moms had a blast sledding on the hill, dodging errant saucers, runaway sleds, and oblivious kids as needed. Everyone loves sledding. It was amusing, delightful, diverting, enjoyable, entertaining, exciting, jolly, pleasurable, stimulating...there is nothing better than sledding down a huge snow covered hill in the middle of winter.... except a SNOW JUMP! And, we had a perfect one with easy transition that the kids absolutely loved! A big THANK-YOU goes to our friend Myria for sharing her scrumptous homemade **warm** cinnamon rolls and **hot** chocolate. It was a gratifying, thrilling outing.

I am a bit frustrating with my 2-year-old, temperamental Canon digital camera--it has been misbehaving. It won't focus or take picture at the right moment--which is absolutely critical when capturing action shots! Well...our anniversary is around the corner--maybe DH would get me my dream Nikon or Canon top-of-the-line camera? (wishful thinking...dream on!)

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