Arrived the Bay Area Safe and Sound

Although driving through snow may have aggravated DH's nerves, at least it spurred me to express myself with photos...Feeling like your car is going to slide off the road at any second is not a good feeling. Having to follow the faint tire tracks left by the car ahead of you to make sure you stay on the road is not a good feeling. Having to drive 20-30 mph to a final destination that we were hoping to arrive before dark (especially we didn't leave our home in Bend until 12 noon) is not a good feeling.

After an 8-hour drive through heavy snowfall and rain, I was ecstatic...being "HOME" again, greeted by familiar sceneries, freeway signs, rolling green's a dream crossing the new $1.2 billion Benicia Bridge span at last. The new bridge has definitely improved the traffic in Martinez along 680. When we lived in Danville, CA, and during our last visit, I would go through the refineries to avoid the 680 as long as possible, getting on the freeway at the last entrance. Now, that way would slow me down. The new span, open since last October, exclusively serves northbound drivers. The 1962 span no longer serves drivers going in both directions, but only those heading south. Those extra lanes have made a difference. It's really sweet.

We made a quick stop at Whole Foods--not all whole Foods were created equal. I love this neighborhood Whole Foods as it has been and is always there for me when needed. Check out the best deletable bakery, fresh seafood and meat department, strong and hot mochas, most delicious organic produce, raw milk in glass bottles (still availabe,) floral department (people actually knowing how to create a bouquet), wine, cheese, chocolate...the store is amazing, the greatest supermarket in Walnut Creek, CA. Its store hours & friendly staff (some are people I knew before we moved away over two years ago) keep me coming back. This is an excellent place for grabbing dinner on the go. So, we picked up some dinner at its deli, and stocked up for breakfast and some basic stuff like Milk, OJ, eggs, etc., until next day or two for a more thorough grocery shopping.
We got to our friends off Tice Valley Road (on the border of Walnut Creek and Rossmor) before 9 in the evening. Kids haven't seen their friend Marisa for at least a year. Surprisingly, they picked up where they left if it were only yesterday...My total admiration for my kids!

Ooooh, I just remember it's a holiday today honoring slain civil rights leader
Martin Luther King, Jr. (timeline created in Kid Pix) I take a moment to marvel at the progress our society has made together and its efforts to knock down social barriers and bring justice to those who lived on the margins. The work is far from finished. The dream is not fulfilled. What is your political view?

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