Open Gym at COGA, Sleepover, Playday and Dinner

We kickstarted a fantastic new social life in the new year. (Photo left was taken yesterday at the rink.)

The Walders has been non-participating member of our
local homeschooling group for almost a year. Early in the week, Brigitte inquired about where we're meeting on Friday. For unknown reason, the group has been QUIET. No one responded. I finally posted online yesterday morning that our family will be at the ice rink should anyone cares to join us (dispite stormy weather.)

Brigitte, Manfred, both native Austrian, came with their sons--Marvin 8 and Kevin 8 or 9 months old. Marvin and DS struck a chord instantly and so did we the parents. Before long, we invited The Walders over for a playday and dinner today.

So early this afternoon, the girls were off with Patrice to her home for a sleepover with Katherine and Chloe immediately after open gym at COGA. Prue and Mark dropped Ben off at COGA for his first sleepover with DS at our place

I managed to settle the boys down relatively quick after gymnastic with lunch and snack. For next four hours, I cleaned, tidy-up, mopped, vacuumed, washed dishes, cut, chopped, cooked, kneaded, spinned pizza dough, baked, set adult and children tables...

Ben and DS kept asking when their new friend would be here. They waited...waited impatiently. The Walders finally arrived shortly after 6 with a bottle of Columbia Valley Rielsing and a cake.

Marvin didn't care to eat. They played...played...played. My homemade 4-cheese pizza was not enticing. The parents, however, enjoyed juicy beet and arugula salad in raspberry vinaigrette dressing, roasted rosemary chicken with potatoes, a large selection of to-die-for gourmet organic cheese acquired in last trip to PC Market: Pecorino Merigo and Pecorino Tartufo from Italy, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Raw from Italy, Blueberry Whilte Stilton from England, Sheep Cave Aged Roquefort from France, Spanish Manchego, French Mimolette from Normandy, Isle of Mull Extra Sharp from Scotland, a bottle of silky smooth 2004 Chimney Rock Cabernet Sauvignon from Stags Leap District Napa Valley...delightful conversation, terrific company. If it weren't for Kevin needing to be in bed, we could go on into the morning. Instead, they parted finally just before 11 with strong protest from Marvin.

I learned that Marvin was still in school. I'm happy to be the one here to answer their queries, concerns, and help give Brigitte the push she needs to go forward with homeschooling!

Hurray to The Walders! I was too preoccupied with deep conversations and didn't bother to take photos as I've been in past few months. So, The Walders will remain a mystery until...soon I'm sure (as you know me.) Here to a beautiful, new friendship!

Added 01.06.08: Ben and DS finally went to bed at midnight (way passed Ben's bedtime...and DS didn't go to bed until 3 am early in the day!)

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