OOOOOOPS...I left all my business attires behind!!!!

After a long morning of cuddles, hugs, kisses, fussing over what to bring, loading the station wagon, breaking the coffee carafe to take on the trip...dh finally drove off the driveway, headed out of town around noon to Phoenix, Arizon. An hour later, while the sun finally made its way peeking through the gloomy sky, dh called. "Guess what? I left all the business clothes (included the ones I had to iron at 11 pm last night) on the dining chair. Only stuff packed in the car is my t-shirts and sweats!" Comically, you say. This is a relatively important trip of the year; a "make or break it" type of business trip. So be it...dh is not about to turn around. Here I'm pondering on whether or not to pack all the stuff left behind and ship it to him overnight! Then, again, if he were a female, he could welcome such opportunity to buy a new wardrobe...surprise me, hon!

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