's McKayla's 11th Birthday Party slide, taken on July 21, 2007

Friends help you "weather" the storms and enjoy the sunshine of life

The kids were deprived of sleep after staying up well after midnight. The Andersons and we attended THE HARRY POTTER PARTY at Barnes & Noble the night before McKayla’s birthday celebration. It was a waste of time. Many die-hard fans were irate because they had to be evacuated from the store at 11 pm and get in line once again for Rowling’s last book of the series release at midnight. We gave up and left at 11:45 pm. As it turned out, there were no special promos given out. All in all, it was most disappointing HP party attended—not extravagant, no elaborate thrills we experienced when we were in California in previous years. Oh, well…we’re glad it’s the last one!

No surprise to us, our friend, Jenn, had her place magically decorated--inside and out! It perked the kids up right away. McKayla’s all dressed up, perfect fitting for a royal princess as clearly evident from the slide. Thank you, Jenn & McKayla, for sharing these special memories with us!

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