Aran Cabled Shrug 90% completed

No such luck... I didn't get to work on the shrug as planned on the 2-hour scenic drive to home yesterday. Instead, we had thought-provoking discussions over articles published in HEM recently. Some were meaningful, insightful, some we couldn't relate, and others were too radical even for us to digest.

Despite somewhat busy morning with dh leaving for 10 days, I managed to knit a few more rows. The shrug begins to take its shape and form. DD#1 can't wait for its completion. It would complement her fishy costume, I guess.

The pattern called for 11 skeins of Crystal Palace Kaya Wool. Instead, I bought 9 skeins of Trendsetter Granito #9 Floral Multi, knitted with size a 10.5 circular needle. I am down to 2 skein left with a partial sleeve and the band to complete. That is probably enough as I plan to knit the collar and band with Bernat bamboo yarns. Itchiness caused by wool does not appeal to our 11 year-old. Who would blame her? The bulky plied wool shrug, in random shade throughout, will be fun-to-wear for the cold months ahead.

P.S. The color palette is actually much more pale than as pictured.

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