Chautauqua Unschooling Family Retreat, September 8-12, 2007

Chautauqua [shu - taw - kwa] Noun. Seneca name meaning child. An educational and recreational gathering lasting five days. Oregon Chautauqua, named after the original event in NY State, is held at an ocean retreat center near Lincoln City, Oregon.

At last, here is a fraction of the memorable photos taken sporadically during the 5-day family retreat.

There is nothing like it. Joy is manifest, everywhere. Imagine a place (with rustic log cabins, lodge, hiking trails, firepits, and a sandy beach) where children are treated with respect by adults, where needs are met without disapproving stares, where delightful people of all ages laugh, cry, dance, play ASSASSIN and other games, create, reunite with old friends and make new ones, confront their fears, act silly, talk politics, celebrate for who they are, line up orderly, volunteerily, felicitously for breakfast and dinner, eager to share their chore duties almost daily, visit one another at all hours, greet each other in their paths with smiles, help with each others’ kids, learn new ideas and put them to use right then, and feel completely at ease that this is a safe haven for kids with friends even if you have just met these strangers not too long ago.

Finally, parents are all in one place who understand that learning takes place in every situation, in different ways and resources. These are parents who actively practice to expand their horizons, to understand and discover on new levels, to watch and attest children as capable beings in making “good”, "right" choices for themselves.

Life is GOOD at Chautauqua! We look forward to our return for years to come.

Save the Date!
2008 Chautauqua: September 8 - 12, 2008

On a separate note, Oregon Homeschooler's Reunion will be on Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 12:30pm! Join us for a potluck in the park at Sellwood Park (SE 7th Ave & Miller St., Portland, OR 97202; click Here for a map.)

Bring your family, catch-up with old friends, and meet other alternatively schooled people. Afterwards, those who want to, may go out to a bar/coffee house/restaurant to party. This is a reunion for homeschooleers who are living post "schooling" lives and never stop learning. The goal is for homeschoolers, unschoolers, etc, to meet for a 10-year type reunion and see what other people in their situation are doing. The focus is on people who feel like they are now living adult lives: graduated college, living away from home, working full time, or any thing that makes you feel that you are grown up.

If you would like to attend, help, or otherwise get in contact with people, please email Katie at (replace the "at" with an @)

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True learning-learning that is permanent and useful,that leads to intelligent action and further learning, can arise only out of the experience, interest, and concerns of the learner.
John Holt
Real heroes are men who fall, fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they stayed true to their ideals, beliefs and commitments.
Actor Kevin Costner

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