Benham Falls Hike with Campfire Troops

What a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Benham Falls. Our COOL friend, Erin Biskup, was kind enough and went out her way to give us a lift yesterday. The hike to the falls is an easy for kids, one-mile jaunt downstream along Deschutes River. This is one of the closest attractions to Sunriver. The magnificient ponderosa pines and a number of hardwoods make the trail a nice place to be at this time of year - Autumn. Though there were puddles and fallen hugh tree stump onto the trail, it did not deter us from enjoying our stroll past a spectacular section of untamed white water. Benham Falls was created when magma from Lava Butte splashed over the side, flowing five miles to the Deschutes. When the molten rock collided with the icy water, the churning rapids and crashing waterfall were created here. The silent river that suddenly turned into pure power and ended where a few rapids meet was quite impressive. We couldn't stop thinking of the Native Americans who once lived of the resources from the river and the forest. Mother nature is really one of a kind.

Here are some amazing kids, sibblings, parents, leaders, and friends of Campfire USA who came out for a relaxing hike.

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