March of Dimes' Jail N Bail on Oct. 18, 2007

Chris Huyett, a local resident/advocate for March of Dimes, was desperately looking for volunteers to help at a local fundraiser two days before the event. This is one of the two biggest March of Dimes fundraisers of the year. Finding people with generous heart to donate money has not been difficult. Chris can't seem to find anyone who has time to spare. So, we RUers rose to the occasion and (selfishly) share that homeschoolers are great assets to our community/society.

The Peery clan welcomed such opportunity. We recruited another COOL friend, Katherine A, for the good cause. The fundraiser was held at Scanlons in Athletic Club of Bend, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. As "wardens" and "clerks of the court", we fingerprinted and took mugshots of the "jailbirds." Jailbirds were turned in by their anonymous friends or relatives and found "guilty" of "crimes" committed. They needed to raise "bail money" in an hour in order to get out of "prison." It's hilarious to listen into the telephone conversations "jailbirds" made to their friends and families...just picture the recipents' expressions on the other side of the line! Nokia cellular phones were provided. However, most "jailbirds" use their personal phones. Bell was rung when a "jailbird" raised over $1000; there were a few. Throughout the day, Chris was interviewed by two local reporters; the fundraiser event was filmed. Last year, Jail N Bail raised over $37,000 to help save babies from prematurity. This year, its goal was to reach $40,000.

All and all, we had fun helping. Plus, as members of Athletic Club of Bend, we ventured into some water fun at the indoor pool after a long-day of hard work.

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