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Last night, both girls slept over at Tumalo State Park with their Campfire friends. Downside, besides missing them? I lost my reliable babysitter. What am I to do with my 7-year-old on knitting night? It's unimaginative to skip my weekly knitting social. So, my son and I, picked up my friend Cindy on our way, walked 2.5 miles to Makahna's...only to see that Cafe was closed once again. Meeting was canceled last minute last week because Cafe owner had another family emergency. I agree it is a great spot to meet, but, proven unreliable thus far. It's time to consider other venues like WineStyle at Northwest Crossing. Cindy and I weren't the only there, joined by Hildy, Tamra, Carla, Judy, and Dany. Thanks to Dany, the gracious hostess, we had our social at her home just around the corner. Knitting out in her yard was terrific. Weather was perfect--warm with light breeze.

Though whining a bit walking there, DS really perked up going home. We chatted all the way home, joyfully, telling me about camp hike and things he did and found earlier in the day. Wish I had taken my NEW CANON with me as we came across many points of interest in our walk. Next time for sure...FIL called last night to tell me the second best sunset he has ever witnessed. DS couldn't stop ranting to grandpa about his 5-mile adventure. He is quite a charmer, with sored feet. "I am on fire!" as he put it.

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We have been doing more walks around town since February even before gas hike. Now, I am more allured than ever trying to save a gallon (in order to offset all the driving hubby is doing to California and back!) It's not too hard to save a gallon a week when your tank, like mine a guzzler, not a sipper, gets under 10 miles a gallon! Here are 10 easy ways I came up with so far:

1. Hop on the bus, Gus. Even if you think this is not an option, check out Bend Area Transit or here for other cities/states. You may be surprised by all the options you have never considered. Or carpool. Leaving the car at home and sharing your commute occasionally can help you reach your gallon-goal quickly. Sharing the ride--and expense--with another person regularly can cut your gas costs in half. Check out your carpooling opportunities at eRideShare.comand

2. Take it easy. Faster you drive, more gas you use. If your average commute includes 20 miles of highway time at 60 mph, instead of 70 mph, it will take you only three minutes longer to get to your destination--and you’ll save approximately 1.3 gallons of gas in a five-day work week.

3. Trip-chaining. Need to pick up groceries, mail a package, pick up gardening or craft supplies, and go to the bank? Instead of spreading these tasks out over a few trips, chain them together by doing all of them at one trip. Park in a central spot and walk from place to place.

4. Shop online. Save trips to the store and consider other online services to minimize errands such as banking, buying stamps, and paying bills.

5. If you own vehicles of differing size, take the smaller, more fuel-efficient one on any long trips that you can.

6. Take a hike (or ride a bike). Instead of driving everywhere, lace up your sneakers and get some exercise while you save gas. A bicycle can help you rack up car-free miles even faster.

7. Work in your sweats. If you have a job for which working from home is possible, ask the boss if you and your coworkers can telecommute one day a week to save gas. If you are the boss, consider making it a company-wide initiative.

8. Drive as if gas is being rationed. The time may come that you will be allowed only a set number of gallons per week no matter the cost, no matter your needs. Drive now as if you are on a 10-gallons-per-week limit. The practice will do you good.

9. Share rides. Instead of picking up your kids from gymnastic, dance, swim, or tennis practice every day, ask a neighbor with kids in the same class/group to help. You can each take turns picking up.

10. Keep the trunk light. I am the bigger offender I know because I like to have everything accessible at all times! Heavier the load your car has to carry, more gas it guzzles. Don’t use your trunk for long-term storage.

What are your gas-saving tips? I'd love to hear about them!

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