Mini Tour of Tumalo State Park

Nestled against the Deschutes River and among the many Ponderosa Pines lays the quiet spot of Tumalo State Park, just 5.5 miles (one-way) away from home, northwest of Bend off Highway 20. The two part park has a day use area and--across the road--the campground, both are simultaneously close enough to town for a quick jaunt either into Bend for any kind of shopping or to Tumalo for a nice dinner and libations but yet the park is far enough away to escape the bustling commotion.

The riverside of the park has a very large and comfortable grass area for picnics as well as tables and grilling stations. The park is large enough to throw Frisbee, play tag, or setup a croquet, volleyball, or badminton game. The river can be easily rafted or swam in by young and old alike. The kids' favorite spot is by the bridge as this allows a good ½ raft trip when they walk up river. The kids love to play around the boulders catching crawdads. The bridge area also has great fishing for both Kokanee and trout and plenty of bait resides on the rocks for these edible creatures. It is a popular fishing spot for beginners and veterans gamers alike.

Here you can park your RV, your tent, or just rent a yurt. If you are not big on roughing it...this is a perfect solution. The yurt is very adorable and quaint. There are bunk beds, a futon, coffee table, table and chairs. Kick back, Relax and enjoy a glass of wine around the fire with families and friends. The campground has 23 full hookup campsites and 54 tent sites; equipped with a solar shower building and flush toilets are available.

On either side of the river there are many hiking trails and legend, from what I've heard through native friends, when they were kids the bluff side of the river had several old coins thrown out by land owner who owns the property above you. As kids, they actually did find a few buffalo nickels and Indian pennies so this has good potential for those who also endeavor in metal detecting.

When they camped out earlier on Wednesday, my girls reminisced watching deer forage for food--just as the sun creeped below the rim of the canyon--listened as coyotes performed their haunting call, announcing sunset and coming darkness, smell the sweet fragrance of sage and juniper as the dew dripped off its branches, sat quietly in the evening and let the stars put on a show of its own.

American Bakery in the park? This cave was found off the bridge (as pictured above) across the camp ground...interesting, huh?

Next to the cave, there is an unmarked, graveled trail...

which led to this ridge...

with hundreds of feet steep drop...did I tell you I'm afraid of HEIGHT!!!

View of the park across the river...from the Ridge...

Don't look DOWN...Getting an adrenaline surge!

My body redirecting flow of blood to other muscle groups--if any left--I'm tensing up!

Which way?

Not down, for sure.

Here--about a foot-wide path?

A single careless slip...I'd end up down...down...down here!

Stumbling block...should I...should I not? It's time...

A sign??...Disrupting a flow of energy...Did I tell you I'm afraid of HEIGHT!!

All that adventure...led me to the middle of the the crossroad of Johnson/Tumalo Reserve and OB Riley/Tumalo Reserve

These adorable domestic turkeys were fearless, hangin' out at the park all week...can't figure out how someone heartless could abandon these cuties!

By the way, this was my second trip to the same trail because I left the camera in the van on first expedition! I will no longer be paralyzed by fear of HEIGHT...not...someday perhaps. Hope you enjoy the mini tour. I didn't get to the river trail on the other side by the camp ground as planned. Another day...another tour.

Happy living!

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Makita said...

What a great adventure!

It was great to see you and the kids at the library yesterday. I've missed you all and hope our schedule allows us to join ya'll soon.

BTW - What was the title of the trivium book you picked up yesterday? I'd like to check it out sometime. :)

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