Things to Do When Your Children Are BORED

I haven't seen my two girls having so much fun together for a while...they danced, sang, role-played...When I asked what it is they built here, DD#1 said "it's a pulley...a thing you do when you're bored." Go figure...BORED they are definitely not.

Now they got me pondering on things they may tackle next time when I hear them say "I'M BORED!":
Make a scrapbook of things we did this past week or month
Have a picnic
Write a letter or email to a friend
Cyber-Visit a country
Take digital pictures
Make Dinner or Desert for the family or a friend
Compare a book to a movie
Write a Poem
Learn how stuff works (light switch for example)
Bake some cookies
Sketch a picture of our or a neighbor's house from the outside
Take a walk and record sounds we hear
Make our own soccer or basketball camp
Keep a journal of what we do during the week or month
Cut up an old greeting card or magazine picture and make a puzzle
Make beads, collage, or ATC card from recyclables
Start a band
Make a new kind of sandwich
Blow up balloons, put notes inside and hand them out to friends
Go outside and find 10 different kinds of flowers
Create a web site
Invent a new dance or song
Help an elderly person or neighbor in need with house or yard work
Visit National Zoo Animal Web cams
Learn a foreign language
Make an obstacle course in our back yard
Make a treasure hunt
Read a story to a sibling (siblings)
Have a theme party
Clean up a nature trail
Build a tree house out of stuff you find in your yard
Create a new world
Have a family game night
Make a movie
Create a terrarium
Discover a new favorite author or book series
Make a fire plan
Make up bubble solution and have a contest
Visit a tourist spot near your home
Plant something
Donate some of the toys and clothes you no longer use
Research your family tree
Make and fly a kite
Invent a board game
Use a compass or GPS to map your neighborhood
Build a time capsule
Make a bird feeder
Throw a cultural heritage party
Organize a bike or scooter safety clinic
Write a song
Tie-dye some t-shirts
Paint fabric
Take the dogs for a walk
Have a paper airplane contest
Learn some new outdoor games
Share your favorite movie with a friend
Make home made ice cream
Organize a scavenger hunt
Go swimming
Paint a portrait of a friend
Start a collection
Write a fairy tale
Travel in time
Stargaze and track the moon phases
Sew, stitch, knit, or crochet
Watch the birds
Arrange a bouquet of flowers
Redecorate a room
Keep your brain going (brain teasers)
Create our own holiday

WOW...I came up with 70 things so far. Not bad...not bad. What's yours? I would love to hear your list.

1 encouragements:

Stephanie said...

Girl I can't keep up with you, you must type 300 words a minute :)

I love reading what you write, I don't always respond so just letting you know I'm here and I get you :)

I appreciate your thoughts more than you could know, thanks for putting them down .

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