Snowy Days Confirm Winter Is Still Here In March!

I'm exhausted but had a great weekend. DD#1 and hubby masterminded a terrific Easter feast and egg hunt (more magical moments captured here.)

How was your Easter?

Winter is back in Central Oregon again--happens every year--just when we have to take the studded tires off our cars! On Tuesay morning, I woke up to a fresh coating of snow flurry in our yard...before I can even get the shovel out, snow has melted away in the walk way.

We managed to venture out to Sawyer Park for a nature walk in the afternoon. The girls thought it was funny to fish out 5 flip-flops (one didn't make it in the picture) from the river.

As a bonus, we located one of three letter boxes. Besides the normal guestbook, there was a traveling stamp accompanying by a journal of its origin, where it has been, and owner's contact information. Our friend Jenn M will contact the owner by email and drop off the traveling set at her next stop perhaps in Portland later this week.

Yesterday, it was a snow blizzard while the kids were rollerblading outside FIL home in Sunriver--sorry, no photos...silly me, I left the memory card in the computer! The kids didn't care how cold and wet it was. They had a blast while I tried to stay warm, knitting away my Oriel socks.

Did you know it's Spring Break? I didn't notice it until I realized there was no Campfire meeting, Kid's Club, 4H Sewing, Gymnastic practice...As of now, only one family responded to my nature walk suggestion for our weekly Friday gathering. Not much going on here as everyone in our homeschooling circle of friends seems to be wanting a break.

Temperature continued to plummet in the night. It was down to 18 or 19°. I went to my Knitting Group last night and, as usual, had a swell time...not only because of the knitting, it was my santuary. The group is a great mix of young and old, experienced and learning knitters. We enjoyed a glass of wine and shared our projects--WOW, I was very impressed with beautiful, creative, inspiring Jackie Sario scarves, Shawna's Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket, Cindy's spectacular knit-along Mystery Shawl, Hildy's self-designed Swing Coat, Barb's cute baby hat, Mel's scarve with recycled silk, Judi's baby sweater with hidden pockets...ooooh, did I mention a bunch of nice ladies! I got to see some latest sock and yarn from the STR sock club--OMG, they are beautifully yummy! I don't know the color name--but it's a must have if they ever make it available. All in all, I enjoyed another great evening out and can't wait to go to Friday's morning meet-up. My new knitting buddy, Hildy, and I are going to PLAY with her undersized Swing Coat--she didn't do a gauge test; now, it is too small for her (but not for me...heehee.) Instead of frogging it, I suggest adding some cable knit around armholes...let see if it works (I actually know it will.)

Hubby and kids are playing basketball in the cul-de-sac while I continue in my prayer marathon, catching up on reading, playing with yarn and techniques...I do hope we will slip out of the freeze and get a few days of decent weather--at least for tomorrow nature walk and the fiber show in Prineville on Saturday!

3 encouragements:

Stephanie said...

Food looks yummy, you can keep the snow :)

Do you mean homeschoolers take spring break?

Boggles the mind!

Kaylynn's Mommy said...

I agree with Stephanie...Food looks yummy! Hey...I would love to join your knitting club!

Tina H. said...

Oh, this is making me hungry. It's after midnight and I don't need to eat. Really, I don't. Well, maybe a little.

Thanks. :) :) :)

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