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Congratulation to all Cascade Middle School (CMS) Advance Band young musicians, under the baton of Music Director Mr. Dave Rushton, for outstanding performances at the 2010 Central Oregon District Band Competition, held in Redmond High School this year. It's my understanding that High Desert Middle School the traditional contender for the event. I am ecstatic for CMS Advance Band students as they have all worked hard in the school year for this big event and the reward--tied First Place with Obsidian Middle School--is well deserved!

A Thousand Hill Overture

Gary Owen and Scotland the Brave

New Horizon March

It was quite a thrill. My teen is glad this is behind her so she may redirect the energy/focus to a solo and two flute-duet pieces at Cascade Foundation for Musical Art competition coming up on May 8, 2010. It's one she is looking forward all year to be critiqued by Michael Gaesme and Clyde Thompson again.

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