2010 Sunriver Young Artist Scholarship Pre-Audtion

Since 1996, Sunriver Music Festival has been bringing world-class musicians to central Oregon for a classical concert series. The festival also gives scholarships to students from Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson counties who show exceptional promise in classical music. A select group of students audition in Sunriver before a committee. A concert--typically held at Tower Theatre and Sunriver Holy Trinity Church in early June--celebrates the students who have received scholarship money.

Extensive application is due on April 23, 2010. However, a pre-audition tape was apparently required on Friday, April 2, which we didn't know until Tuesday through Pam Hughes, the flute teacher. Thankfully, an exception/extension was made if we can get the recording in by Thursday morning. We scrambled and met with Jean Schrader, the pianist accompaniment last night, at 9 p.m. I stayed up most of the night to get both recordings on a DVD and turned in on Thursday morning. Life with an ambitious teen musician is never dull nor relaxing.

Here are my teen's pre-audition recordings, under a minute each:

P.10-11 Polacca, Concerto in Re Maggiore per Flauto Ed Orchestra, Prima Edizione

P.24-25, Solos for Flute 36 Repertoire Pieces with Piano Accompaniment, complied
and edited by Donald Peck
She got the music for only a day so it is the best she could do.

DREAM...EXPLORE...AND DISCOVER! (stop by here to see what I've been creating)!

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