HTML Image Makeover: Color Frame & Read More

I spent the past few days refreshing html/hex code knowledge once acquired and used frequently in my ex-Corporate life/entrepreneurial mindset. Five minutes into the game, it all came back to me...but not without help. This site was useful in steering me to the right direction in blog makeovers rather swiftly. I managed to do not one, but two in a day. Click on menu tabs above, just below the header image on this page, and see for yourself.

As you see, I made a couple more changes to the layout. One was adding borders to my images, changing borders style and color, and increasing/decreasing space between image and border. As my image is much smaller now, any added background as a border would be too small to visualize anyway. So, I opted out such modification.

This is what I did: First, I went to Blogger and logged in, navigated to LAYOUT >> EDIT HTML >> and find the following code--you may click ctrl+f to find it via your browser finder
.post img {

.post img {
border:1px solid #CCCCCC;

.post img {
border: 4px outset #0000CD;

Be sure to PREVIEW before saving the changes.

The second change--Automatic Thumbnail and Read More Feature--is much more noticeable. A well written tutorial is here. Hope you enjoy these little tricks as I move on to more baby-step at a time :D

Next question to self: Do I care to be blessed with Google sitelinks or not? If the structure of my site doesn't allow Google algorithms to find good sitelinks, or Google doesn't think the sitelinks for my site are relevant for the user's query, Google won't show them. Simply adding the words--Facebook and Twitter--on my blog and/or post, my traffic would improve dramatically. Do I care when this is a portal for my random musings of life?

DREAM...EXPLORE...AND DISCOVER! (stop by here to see what I've been creating)!

2 encouragements:

busyHSmom said...

Love the new background and fact, the background you are using I seriously considered myself!

There is only one change I personally do not like...your full posts no longer show up on your blog. So, I have to click on "read more" to see the rest of a post. That means I have to go back and forth from main page to individual posts and then back to the main page again instead of just reading freely. I find that rather annoying and very unconducive to browsing your blog.

Of course, this is just one gal's opinion and there are probably very good reasons for this format that I am missing out on. My comment is only to give an opinion, not to criticize. I hope that it comes across in the spirit intended...I love your blogs!

busyHSmom said...

Thanks for the hint about using the left hand menu so that I don't have to go back to the home page each time I want to see another post...duh!

And, I just knew there must be a good reason for the change, even though I couldn't see it. Making your blog more accessible and quicker loading to your friends with low bandwidth is a good reason indeed! :0) We don't have cable or satellite TV, but we do have high speed internet. I guess I take it for granted and had forgotten how frustrating it used to be when our internet was slower and pages took forever to load!

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