2010 Baroque Festival

...celebration of some of the most beloved music of all time. The festival, which took place in Willie Hall (on COCC Campus) this afternoon was an unique opportunity to experience a remarkable series of concerts, the power of the music, by gifted/talented performers in Bend and Redmond. Studios represented: Jodie Bischof (Festival Co-Chair,) Peter Brownlee, Shannon Devir, and Pam Hughes. Festival Co-Chair and Accompanist: Jean Shrader. Participants: Lily Sulak, Nick Mitchell, Som Barnwell, Abby Stevens, Annalise Ramsthel, Allison Heatoon, Grace Petersen, Elizabeth Liska, Lindsey Willimas, Samanta Bryan, Olivia Holman, and my 13-year-old teen.

Not just for Baroque aficionados, the 2010 Central Oregon Baroque Festival charmed, moved, amazed, and even at times amused its audience--in its non-competitive format. Getting a lesson on musical interpretation in Baroque period from Molly Wheeler, our adjudicator from Portland, was a delightful treat and surprising bonus.

My teen played Concerto in D Major by Francesco Saverio Mercadante. Mercadante may not have been as famous and well-known as some of his contemporaries--Hummel, Beethoven, Mozart, Rossini, Verdi, Donizetti, et al--his music was and still is every bit as entertaining, lighthearted, and melodic as theirs.

Such a goof ball...all the pictures taken this afternoon at beautiful Willie Hall were deleted before they were uploaded to flickr!!! This is the second time I've done that--you would've thought I learn the lesson :0(

But...I can't have a photo-less post.
this one was taken at Aspen's birthday party last month.

DREAM...EXPLORE...AND DISCOVER! (stop by here to see what I've been creating)!

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Cindy said...


Love the new look of your blog!

And Shayna's performance was incredible! My jaw just dropped. She is going to be just as amazingly talented as her mom. I really admire her perseverance in learning the flute. Bravo!

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