Pre-Halloween, Anyone?

Halloween...when I was a child (and I'm 48) was a neighborhood thing. We'd all meet outside of my house and then go door-to-door in groups. This was before I ever conceived of anything involving getting dressed up as evil, harmful, or bad. Halloween was more innocent then...I hadn't met any Christians to tell me it was evil. No one had poisoned candy or put razor blades into apples so we weren't in danger of dying. There weren't any terrorists in our world so we didn't know to fear. Enough of my rambling/musing...

What are you up for this pre-Halloween? We are not interested in scaring the neighbors or watching those cheesy horror movies in the '80s. How about an evening of great laugh, good snacks and drinks, and performances by kids and adults? Here is a tidbit of a mega-buzz dance hosted by one of our COOL families in Broken Top tonight...some spine-tingling grooves and beats to put us all in the spirit from dance tunes to horror movie soundtracks...for a ghostly evening of fun.

We’re lucky this year, Halloween falls on a weekend. There is a plenty going on October 31st. If the weather is nice, I expect about thousands of ghouls, goblins, and drunks to be roaming the streets downtown while I will be preoccupied with my fiber friends at the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat in Sunriver. Do you know this is the International Year of Natural Fiber?

DREAM...EXPLORE...AND DISCOVER! (stop by here to see what I've been creating)!

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