Brace Yourself

...Early winter in October: First snowfall in High Desert, Central Oregon. The first snow of the autumn blanketed the town early this morning, leading to power outages for a few hours and numerous accidents on slippery roads. A 3-inch layer of snow covered the van and twice of that fallen on the driveway since this morning. Hundreds of homes in the city were still without power later in the afternoon in the abrupt change of weather.

Winter is expected to hold fast in the cascade mountains for at least the week. Although snowfall during this time of the year is not unheard of, we are just not ready for it. I laid here and thought of the season change, the days getting shorter, Christmas is looming closer...It's time to check the list and getting busy building up the gift stash.

Meanwhile, I do hope the weather will warm up and ice patches clear by tomorrow night--hubby is driving back from San Diego on Tuesday. We want him home safe!

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