If I Am Not Whole?

The unanswered questions aren't nearly
as dangerous as the unquestioned answers.

(Photos taken at Farewell Bend Park this afternoon) The days are finally longer and the weather is getting warmer. Flowers are peeking out from under the gloom. Springtime shows off the beauty of everything. Does this mean I abandon my needles? Never! On the contrary, Spring simply opens up the door to more exciting yarns, projects, and events. I love warm weather knitting because tank tops and tee shirts are a lot faster to knit without those troublesome long sleeves. I can even knit jewelry...how COOL is that!

Community Dinner Meal at Higher Ground, last night, for 75 people (more or less) was a success. Everything served was home-made and from scratch. There was no shortage of food; many came back, ranting and raving, for second and thirds throughout the evening. (More memories captured here at Flickr.com)

One of the youngest Sushi chefs in action

Loads of yummy, crunchy Veggie Sushi Rolls

made from our friend Erin's family secret Asian Coleslaw recipe

Japanese Noodle Soup in Vegetable Stock

Japanese Noodle Soup in Chicken Stock, disappearing in seconds

BBQ and Oven Baked Chickens

Delicious Almond Cookies baked by our friend, Chloe

more Chicken and veggies

Mango Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream

"What do you mean nurture myself?!?! I’m too busy nurturing everyone else. And I have to work, shop, and take care of the house, the car, the yard, the dogs..." Do those words sound all too familiar? One of my biggest challenges is making sure to take care of myself. Yes...I’m pointing this finger at myself right now, rest assured. You know on the airplane when the flight attendant is giving the spiel about the oxygen mask? I am always instructed to put my own on first and then help others. It sounds selfish but, if I am not whole, healthy, safe and centered, I truly cannot be of positive use to anyone else. Sometimes just taking half an hour to sit quietly and knit on a beautiful fiber is enough to rejuvenate but, sometimes, I need more. It is only and all about me. Relax, knit, laugh, share with friends, and go home smiling and energized. I DO deserve it. So DO YOU!

It is the truest expression to the world of who I really am, deep inside--not the day-to-day definitions such as parent, computer geek, artist-wanna-be, spouse, etc., but the spirit that I find if I look quietly into my own heart. It was beautifully explained in The Legend of Bagger Vance. Bagger (the caddy) says "Inside each and every one of us is one authentic swing...something we were born with...something that can't be taught... it has to be remembered..." There is something magical about walking through the woods that helps me do that "remembering." It puts me back in touch with my innate spirit, flowing freely, that so often has been lost in the busy-ness of today's society and needed to be coaxed out of hiding. It provides time in my life where I do sit quietly and reconnect with my Self.

More parenting/consensual living ponders to come, I promise...

1 encouragements:

Kaylynn's Mommy said...

Sarah...you better take time for yourself! Sorry for all the questions! Just really appreciate your blog and viewpoints! The Daily Groove Newsletter provides a lot of expamples and explanations to attachment parenting! I love this newsletter!

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