Thank you, all, for the magical wishes. I was quite touched by the fact that many cyber friends took the time to note my birthday and send me birthday wishes.

Hubby and the kids pulled off a surprise this time. They usually don't manage to do that. I am very intuitive but this time I was distracted--and--was it a surprise! It was a wonderful, relaxing, pampering day. I will remember this birthday for a long time.

Surprisingly, I managed to sneak in time to knit up a pair of yummy cotton stretchy socks for my little boy! Hope the rest of this year's trip around the sun is as good for you as mine has been for me thus far.

Now, I must get my tired old soul out of bed...packing up to Eugene, Portland, and Newberg for some week-long R&R. So THANK YOU again, from the bottom of my heart, to the blogosphere for making this birthday such a terrific memory and wishing you a great day today.

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Kaylynn's Mommy said...

Thank You for your comments. I know I am high strung. Kaylynn is my first child, and I find everything she does amazing! I was a little concerned about Kaylynn not eating but I have spoken with lots of moms who tell me that it is normal and not to worry about it. Thank You for your encouragement!

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