It's My Birthday Today

It feels weird to say "I'm 47 years old." It's a good feeling though...a milestone if you will. I have a lot to be thankful for, not just another year older, but how much, much more to do, to explore, to go where no man (or woman) has gone before. I am lucky to have a great family, great friends, great home, two loving dogs, and a blue Tetra in a 10-gallon acrylic aquarium! (Left Photo: What's left of the snowfall today in our back yard.)

As I'm looking back at my accomplishments and shortcomings over the last 47 years, I have to ask myself Where to now? Overall, I'm very pleased with where I am at the moment and the direction I'm headed in. My relationship with God and my crafty obsession aside, my family is what's most important to me (if you haven't gotten that about me by now.)

So what do I plan to cook up for the next 50 years? I have some really cool things planned for next coming months...beyond that, things seem blurry at the moment. I guess as long as I keep my head high, mind open to new possibilities, and new horizons, it should be another fun 50 years. So, another snow day or not, I'll sit back for a few and toast myself to the next 50 years. Won't you join in with me? (Right Photo: One of 16 Austrian Pines planted earlier in the week.)

Recap below is an intoxicating day my beloved family conspired to celebrate the day. My treasures woke me up to this one-of-a-kind egg

...for this delicious pancake breakfast; with fresh organic sweet strawberries and my favorite Oregon Chai(not in picture)

...followed by a show put together just for me

...showered with these lovely gifts mostly handmade by my treasures

After dropping the kids at Campfire office, hubby and I went to The Athletic Club of Bend for a spa treatment, lunch at Scanlon's, and (drum roll, please) a special splurge at LYS nearby. OMG...don't you just love these gorgeous new Noro sock yarns!

My friend knitted a pair of vivacious Noro Kureyon Socks recently. It is out of this world--best soft wool socks I've felt ever!

...this lovely market basket, hand-weaved/crafted by weavers in India of my long-time dream comes true

my very own copy of Alice Starmore's Celtic Collection!

...and a hard copy of The Opinionated Knitter by the most admired/inspired knitter guru of all-time-great Elizabeth Zimmermann (EZ). I seldom follow patterns, but, adore what everyone is doing and then try to create my own pattern ala EZ! She touched many lives with her lively, common-sense approach to knitting. I hope to experience more learning leap in the near future.

I loaned my soft cover to a friend sometime back. She is reluctant in returning it. I hate to ask it back. Hubby obviously knew how much I miss it and knew a hard copy of it would warm my heart. Isn't he the sweetest, most sensible guy you know!! Well, at least I think so--he means the world to me next to Him.

Later in the day, the kids came home and presented me with this ginormous

Not is "The Top Family Seller" Trophy for raising most money for Campfire back in February.

...and these mouth-watering $18-a-pound Spencer Steaks garnished with fruity, juicy fresh-cut mangoes

and last but not least

Double-Shot Mocha a looooong time.

DD#1 made the most deletable carrot birthday cake secretly this afternoon while I was browsing through my presents. What a baker!

At day end, I am left with more pondering. If age brings experience, satisfaction, and at least a modicum of wisdom, it does not, alas, deliver ideal happiness. But that's precisely what makes me, one with drive and ambition, strive for more. And more will certainly come--more milestones, more rewards, more honors--all in recognition of a body of work seldom equaled. And so best wishes on my 47th birthday, Queen Sarah. It's been a long and winding road, one made all the richer by your encouragement, inspiration, comfort, or simply your willingness to listen to my non-sense light me on my way. THANK YOU, my friend! (Left Photo: One of seven deers stopped by wishing me a Happy B-day.)

3 encouragements:

Stephanie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sarah!

I feel blessed to know you, thank you for sharing your day with us.
I love the handmade gifts and the food looks wonderful.

diana(hahamommy) said...

Happiest Birth Day, Yer Royal Highness ♥
I see my ambassador has already brought you my tidings (I have an amazing spiritual connections to deer, I consider them a reminder of god's presence with us) - Here's to a celebration lasting all week, including all who are glad you've come!

Kaylynn's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday Dear Sarah!
Happy Birthday To You!

I am so glad to see that you had a wonderful birthday! You truly have a wonderful family! You are one blessed woman and a fantastic mother!

True learning-learning that is permanent and useful,that leads to intelligent action and further learning, can arise only out of the experience, interest, and concerns of the learner.
John Holt
Real heroes are men who fall, fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they stayed true to their ideals, beliefs and commitments.
Actor Kevin Costner

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